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Kenney Industries is a strong company with a long successful history.  If you would like to join the Kenney Industries team be sure you are in line with our core values.  No matter how many years of experience or level of talent, we want people who Maintain Accountability, Remain Teachable, care about A Job Well Done, are Reactive to the Needs of Others, and have an unshakable Conquering Attitude.

Core Values

  • Maintains Accountability - Reliable and Committed.

  • Remains Teachable - Looking to grow, Never stagnant

  • A Job Well Done - Cares about quality, Notices the little things that make a big difference

  • Reactive to the Needs of Others - We're all a team, Here when you need us

  • Conquering Attitude - No problem to big, Finding the good in all situations

Career Opportunities

(Career opportunities are not limited to this list. 

Please click the link to the right to see all current job openings)

CNC Operator:

Level 1 - Beginner/Entry level,

Level 2 - 2-3 years of experience.


Level 1 - Beginner setup 3 years exp. as operator,

Level 2 - 2-3 years experience as Utility/Set-up.


Level 1 - Beginner machinist, 5 years exp. as Utility/Setup.

Level 2 - Intermediate machinist, self sufficient on CNC mills and lathes.

Level 3 - Master Machinist 10+ years experience, skilled all around.

CNC Programmer: (Mastercam)

Level 1 - Minimum Level 2 Machinist with strong knowledge of G-code and 2 years mastercam exp.

Level 2 - 5 years exp. 


Fitter, Welder, Helper


Assemble components to engineered drawings.

To see a listing of all open positions at Kenney Industries please click the link below.

*This link will redirect you to our Paylocity recruiting site.
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